What Are Your Options After Your Lease Ends?

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What Are Your Options After Your Lease Ends?

What Are Your Options After Your Lease Ends?

End of Lease Options at Rountree Moore Nissan

At Rountree Moore Nissan, we work hard to deliver an outstanding Nissan end-of-lease experience. We understand that choosing your end-of-car lease options can be stressful, so we work hard to ease your stress and make the process enjoyable.

As your end-of-lease date approaches, you will receive a letter from Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation with your options and instructions for returning your leased vehicle. The letter also outlines wear-and-tear and mileage expectations and fees. If you have questions about the process, the helpful staff at Rountree Moore Nissan is just a phone call away.

How to Return Your Nissan at the End of the Lease

You have three options after the end of your lease term. You can buy the car, return the car, or choose a new vehicle. Your lease agreement includes the price to purchase the car. In most cases, that price is less than what you would pay to buy a similar used car from a dealership. If you choose to purchase the car, the financing team at Rountree Moore Nissan can assist you with a loan for the buyout price.

One of the benefits of leasing a vehicle is being able to get a new car every two or three years. If you are interested in leasing or buying a new Nissan, our sales team can help you find the car, truck, or SUV that meets your needs. If we don’t have the model you want, we can order it for you. Our finance team can arrange an affordable auto loan or lease contract with monthly payments that fit your budget and credit score.

Your other option includes returning the leased Nissan and walking away. After you return your leased Nissan, our service team will conduct a vehicle inspection to look for excessive wear.

Money-Saving Lease Deals Near Live Oak, FL

Nissan offers several money-saving lease deals for loyal customers. These lease programs include affordable interest rates and low money-down financing. Most lease programs have 36-month terms with outstanding residual values, making the payment low.

Nissan also offers special programs for recent graduates and members of the military. The automaker also includes cash back bonuses for additional savings off of the sticker price. Check out our website for the latest incentives and offers.

Buy or Lease Your New Car at the Nissan Dealership Near Five Points, FL

Rountree Moore Nissan is a full-service dealership in Lake City offering sales, financing, and servicing. Our friendly staff is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and ownership experiences.

When you buy or lease your new or used vehicle from us, you get the Rountree Moore Advantage which includes a vehicle protection package and roadside assistance services valued at over $7,000. We also offer convenient online services like service scheduling and our trade valuing tool.

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