Buying vs. Leasing a Car – Which is Right for You?

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Buying vs. Leasing a Car – Which is Right for You?

Let’s Dive into Buying vs Leasing a Car at Rountree Moore Nissan

One of the crossroads that every prospective vehicle owner will face is whether they wish to buy or lease their next car. If you ask your friends and family, you may find that you get very different opinions on whether you should lease or buy your next car.

At Rountree Moore Nissan, we like to inform our buyers on both buying and leasing, so they can make the most informed decision for their lifestyles and budgets.

Once you’ve made your decision, we welcome you to come in and discover the many options that await you here at our Nissan dealership in Lake City, FL.

The Benefits of Buying a Vehicle vs Leasing One

If you wish to buy a vehicle and you’re not going to pay cash for it, you’ll need to obtain an auto loan. This involves you taking the purchase price of the vehicle, plus any taxes, fees, and additional coverages, and splitting them into equal payments. Depending on your credit score, an interest rate will be added to these monthly payments (unless you obtain a 0% APR loan).

Buying a car may be a great choice for you because it allows you to sell the car whenever you want. Because the vehicle would be yours to keep, you can drive the car as many miles as you like, modify it how you want, as well as maintain it how you wish.

However, purchasing a vehicle isn’t right for every driver. Buying a car often comes with a higher monthly price because you’re financing the entire cost of the car, plus taxes and fees. Purchasing also means that you’ll be responsible for any repairs once your warranty expires.

The Benefits of Leasing vs Buying

Leasing is almost like a long term rental; it involves you taking a brand new vehicle, and driving it for a few years before returning it and starting the process over again. Leasing often features a lower monthly payment than purchasing because leasing only involves you paying for the depreciation of the vehicle, plus nominal finance fees.

Leasing is great because it allows you to drive the vehicle of your dreams while enjoying a lower monthly payment. Leasing also gives you peace of mind that you’ll be shielded from major repair costs because your vehicle will be under warranty for the duration of your lease.

However, leasing isn’t a perfect option for everyone. Because leasing involves paying on a predetermined amount of depreciation over a period of two to three years, there are certain conditions that must be met.

For example, leasing comes with mileage limitations, along with other restrictions. During a lease, there are restrictions to the number of miles that you drive and you must also keep the vehicle in like-new condition. This means that you must refrain from modifying your vehicle, and must abide by its maintenance requirements.

Buy or Lease Your Next Car from Rountree Moore Nissan

Whether you wish to lease or buy a Nissan, we make getting yours from Rountree Moore Nissan a smart financial decision. We work directly with the leasing company to make your Nissan leasing experience hassle free.
If you wish to purchase your Nissan, we work with a team of financial allies to get you loan payments that you can afford.

Whether you’re in White Springs, or Five Points, we welcome you to browse our inventory today and save big with our current specials!

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