Best Practices in Caring For Your New Nissan

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Best Practices in Caring For Your New Nissan

Best Practices in Caring For Your New Nissan

How to Keep Your Nissan in Tip-Top Shape

Keeping your new Nissan in top condition doesn’t have to be stressful. Your vehicle owner’s manual has recommended schedules for routine maintenance, and the service department at Rountree Moore Nissan near Gainesville is the perfect place for Nissan maintenance and repairs.

Our state-of-the-art service center has tools and equipment designed for Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs, and our factory-trained and certified technicians know how to take care of everything from oil filter changes and tire rotations to brake repairs and battery replacement services.

Taking Care of the Drivetrain

The best practices in caring for your new Nissan include taking care of everything under the hood and around the drivetrain. One of the most important practices is getting routine oil and oil filter changes to keep the engine components lubricated to reduce friction.

Vehicles have several types of fluids that also need to be inspected, flushed, and replaced. Transmissions, brakes, and coolant systems need fluid flushes at recommended intervals to continue functioning like new.

The service technicians at Rountree Moore Nissan conduct free multi-point inspections at every visit. They check fluids, filters, brake pads, and tire wear. If they find any problems, they will inform your service advisor – who will let you know if you need a follow-up visit for new tires, brakes, or fluid flushes.

When you follow the recommended maintenance schedule, your Nissan vehicle is less likely to have unexpected problems that require costly repairs. Your service advisor can help you understand the next recommended vehicle service. You can schedule your maintenance appointments in person, over the phone, or through our online service scheduling tool.

The way you drive also affects your vehicle’s long-term performance. Hard braking and tailgating will wear down your brakes. Driving hard over speed bumps and potholes can damage your wheels and tires. Smooth driving and not tailgating will help lengthen the life of your Nissan.

Maintaining the Interior and Exterior

The best practices in caring for your new Nissan involve maintaining the interior and exterior. Regularly cleaning the exterior keeps the paint in excellent condition, as it removes dirt and grime that can cause damage. You can also keep your Nissan looking good by regularly vacuuming the interior and tidying up spills.

All vehicles get the Rountree Moore Nissan Advantage with complimentary paint and upholstery protection with two free re-applications. This treatment protects your exterior paint and interior fabric against damage from UV rays and environmental pollutants, keeping it looking new for a long time.

Choose the Nissan Service Center in Lake City

The service team at Rountree Moore Nissan is dedicated to providing the best Nissan service near Five Points. We invite you to browse our service specials for the best prices on routine maintenance, parts, and accessories.

For additional affordability, we offer our Platinum Preferred Credit Card for low rates and friendly terms on service visits at any Morgan Auto Group participating dealers, like Rountree Moore Nissan.

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