Advantages of Servicing Your Vehicle at a Dealership

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Advantages of Servicing Your Vehicle at a Dealership

Does it Matter that Much? Let’s Find Out!

Some drivers avoid servicing their vehicles at the dealership because they think it’s more expensive and believe that they can get the same quality service with their local mechanic. Because quality maintenance plays such a large role in your vehicle’s reliability and performance, it’s important to make sure that your car is always in the hands of a qualified technician.

Let’s dive in and explore some of the advantages of servicing your car at a dealership and discover how you can claim exclusive savings when you trust the experts here at Rountree Moore Nissan.

Steer Away from Independent Mechanics

Taking your vehicle to an independent mechanic can be a gamble that can inhibit your vehicle’s performance and reliability over time. Some drivers automatically flock toward independent mechanics because they offer rock bottom prices. However, the outcome is seldom the same as that of a dealership.

Mechanics at independent shops may not be certified to perform work on your specific vehicle and may end up doing damage because of their lack of knowledge when it comes to the engineering and requirements of your particular model. Independent mechanics often use generic parts, which commonly fail to meet the same performance and quality requirements of your vehicle’s original equipment.

In turn, this can lead to parts failing prematurely, and your vehicle spending more time in the repair shop.

Why Trusting a Dealer is Always a Good Idea

Car service at a dealership is much more streamlined and helps your vehicle maintain its peak performance and reliability thanks to factory trained technicians and the use of genuine replacement parts. Here are more benefits to serving your car at a dealership like ours:

Qualified Technicians

When you trust the experts at a dealership service department, you know that the technicians are trained to perform maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. At our Rountree Moore Nissan service center, each of our technicians are factory trained and certified to work on your vehicle.

Convenience and Satisfaction

Dealer service departments like ours strive for outstanding customer satisfaction, so you’ll enjoy additional benefits that you won’t find at an independent shop. Whether its complimentary loaner vehicles, snacks in the waiting area or shuttle service, servicing your car at a dealer like Rountree Moore Nissan makes car service more convenient and enjoyable.


Service centers like ours use manufacturer parts that are quality tested and backed by a warranty. Speaking of warranty, if your vehicle is under warranty and needs repairs or has an active recall, our technicians can handle it while your vehicle is here with us.

Schedule Service Today at Rountree Moore Nissan

Rountree Moore Nissan is quite simply the best place for all your Nissan repair and service needs in Lake City, FL. Not only are we the most qualified place to get your vehicle serviced or repaired, but we also offer outstanding value thanks to our service specials!

Whether you’re here in Lake City, or you’re in a neighboring town like Five Points or Winfield, we welcome you to schedule service with our experts and trust your vehicle in the hands of the best at Rountree Moore Nissan.

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