Why Buy a Used Vehicle?

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Why Buy a Used Vehicle?

Why Should You Buy Used vs. New

Many car buyers automatically disregard buying a used vehicle because they are concerned about potential mechanical problems, previous accidents, and even the vehicle’s reliability in the future. However, buying a used car can be a financially smart move and offer the same satisfaction and peace of mind found in a new model.

Here at Rountree Moore Nissan, we go the extra mile, and strive to be the best place to buy used cars. Not only do we offer a brilliant selection of vehicles and a friendly staff, but also a selection of certified pre-owned vehicles. Come with us as we talk about the benefits of buying a used car and why there’s no better place to get yours than Rountree Moore Nissan.

There’s So Many Benefits!

A new vehicle can lose up to 60% of its value within the first five years of its life. Buying a used model that is just a few years old can give you the opportunity to enjoy late model style, safety, and technology features at a lower cost.

Insurance premiums on a used vehicle also cost less than that on a new vehicle. This means that buying a pre owned vehicle allows you to take advantage of savings even after you’ve driven off the lot.

At Rountree Moore Nissan, we feature a brilliant selection of pre owned vehicles for you to explore. Offering models from a variety of manufacturers, as well as vehicles priced under $10k, you’re sure to find great selections in our inventory.

Do Your Due Diligence

When buying a used vehicle, you’ll want to do your due diligence before you make your purchase to ensure that you’ll still be happy with your vehicle years down the road. Even though a vehicle may look promising, it is often difficult to know how it was maintained by its previous owner. Here are a few things to look for as you inspect a used vehicle:

Vehicle History Report – A vehicle history report can give you key insight into a vehicle’s history before it was listed for sale. Vehicles that are salvaged or were exposed to fire, flood, or frame damage will likely have these notations listed on the vehicle history report.

Mechanical Damage – During your test drive, it’s important to look, listen, and feel for abnormalities. Signs of smoke, rough idle, hard shifting, and abnormal noises are all red flags that the vehicle that you’re looking at, may not be in its best condition. During a test drive, you essentially want the vehicle to perform the way it did when it was new; this means a smooth idle, smooth acceleration, and smooth deceleration.

Excellence Awaits at Rountree Moore Nissan

Though the process of buying a used car can sound daunting, we’ve taken extensive steps to make sure that you can buy a quality used vehicle with total peace of mind by offering our certified pre-owned (CPO) Nissan collection. Each of our CPO vehicles has been thoroughly vetted, and has passed an extensive 167-point inspection. Offering total peace of mind, each CPO Nissan offers exclusive benefits, like an extended warranty and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Make your way down to Rountree Moore Nissan today and test drive one of our used vehicles today.

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