What Makes NissanConnect® Special?

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Red Nissan next to a phone using NissanConnect

What Makes NissanConnect® Special?

The Functional Design of NissanConnect

NissanConnect® acts as a Nissan vehicle’s guiding spirit. Compelling entertainment and driver-assist features are just the start of what this Nissan system has to offer. The security features that NissanConnect provides brings peace of mind to every drive.

The multi-dimensional design that NissanConnect possesses covers you from A-Z. The NissanConnect app allows you to carry intelligent capabilities wherever you go. Numerous vehicle commands are available at the touch of a button, thanks to this mobile app’s accessibility. Google Assistant or an Alexa-enabled device can deliver voice commands when the need arises.

You can find the NissanConnect mobile app on platforms like the App Store or Google Play.

There’s plenty more to learn. Rountree Moore Nissan offers you the opportunity to explore this forward-thinking feature in person. Stop by Rountree Moore Nissan today for an in-person overview.

Quick Thinking Safety and Security

Quality auto security features should have your back every step of the way. Part of what makes NissanConnect security features worthwhile is their accessibility. The NissanConnect mobile app allows you to lock your car when away from your vehicle.

NissanConnect utilizes SiriusXM, so response specialists are always present. Automatically connecting with a live agent can help you receive emergency assistance in multiple categories. Live response agents can work with the police to locate your stolen vehicle.

You can use NissanConnect to call for help if you get in an accident. Expect convenience during inconvenient situations.

You might find yourself in a time when it’s challenging to connect with help manually. An accident prompts the Automatic Collision Notification feature to act. A hands-free call after an accident will connect you to a live response specialist.

Emergencies aren’t always as dire as accidents. Events like a flat tire will quickly activate the Automatic Collision Notification feature. Nissan offers a convenient emergency SOS button for similar emergency responses.

Regular vehicle maintenance helps you avoid troublesome scenarios on the road. NissanConnect can send you automatic service reminders through the MyNISSAN Owner Portal. These maintenance notifications are optional.

Receive the Entertainment and Information That Matters Most

NissanConnect services make it easy to access quality entertainment and information wherever you go. Wireless Apple Carplay® music streaming is effortless with Bluetooth® pairing. Android Auto can provide users with over 150 SiriusXM Radio stations and millions of songs. The possibilities for in-vehicle entertainment are endless.

The in-vehicle WiFi Hotspot awards passengers with connectivity away from home. Activities like streaming and browsing on-the-go have never been easier.

Experience the Future of Connectivity Today

Rountree Moore Nissan staff can walk you through the list of features with each available NissanConnect system. Test drive your favorite Nissan model for a spin today when you find a system that meets your needs. Our lineup consists of exciting vehicles like the 2021 Nissan Altima with all-wheel drive, the 2021 Nissan Rogue, and the 2021 Nissan Leaf.

Enhance your driving today.

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