Benefits of an Electric Vehicle

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Benefits of an Electric Vehicle

Benefits of an Electric Vehicle in Lake City

Nissan Electric Vehicles for You

The time has come to move away from gas-powered vehicles and your friends at Rountree Moore Nissan have the battery electric vehicles you are looking for. Whether you want to save money by not visiting the gas station anymore or you want to help the environment, our electric cars aim to please. After evaluating the benefits of an electric vehicle, you will be sold and ready to buy. Schedule a test drive today in Lake City, Florida.

Why Buy Electric?

There was a time when range anxiety caused a lot of people to avoid buying an electric car, but those days are gone. Today’s battery packs are ready to take you the distance. Plus, with the unique energy source, you can help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, there’s no more need to fill-up as you did with gas-powered cars. With so many public charging stations located nearby, you can take your battery-powered EV anywhere.

Another of the top benefits of an electric vehicle is the money you save on maintenance costs. Because it is built with electric motors, there’s a lot less to worry about. You don’t have to perform oil changes or flush the transmission fluid any longer. Your plug-in electric car is ready to go when you are. Pay for the initial cost and you have very little to worry about after the sale. Additionally, you can save some serious money right now with the available tax credits.

Nissan EV Specs

The 2022 Nissan Leaf is becoming more popular than the Tesla models and for good reason. Aside from the benefits of an electric vehicle, you can gain some amazing features with this EV. For starters, this EV can easily travel more than 200 miles with compatible models and a full charge. You can also top off the battery with your home charging station or a public DC Fast Charger. In just 40 minutes, it’s possible to get an 80% charge that keeps you moving.

Inside the new Leaf, you are met with some amazing technologies. The large 8” touchscreen keeps you connected with what matters, while the standard Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ gives you access to your favorite content. Opt for the available 8-speaker premium Bose sound system and you will be jamming out all the way to work.

Why Shop With Us?

Understanding the benefits of an electric vehicle, it’s time to start your EV shopping. At Rountree Moore Nissan, we have the electric car inventory you are looking for. Plus, our Nissan Finance Center has prepared some of the best deals, whether you want to buy or lease. You can apply for financing and value your trade-in all before you visit our premier dealership. Read through our customer reviews to see why everyone keeps coming back for more. When you are ready, schedule a test drive in Lake City, Florida.

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