Nissan Service Center

Nissan Service Center

Top Quality Service And Auto Repair in Lake City, FL

Welcome to Raintree Moore Nissan Service Center

Time for auto repair and maintenance on your Nissan? Stop by Rountree Moore Nissan in Lake City for all your auto service needs. Whether you ripped a hole in your tire or you need a basic oil change, we cover all the services and parts your Nissan needs to continue running as strong as new.

Keep your car in premium condition by scheduling Nissan service today. As your local car dealership in Lake City, we’re here for you at your convenience, ready to assist how we can.

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Restore Your Ride with Auto Repairs

When you need a warranty repair, we have you covered with everything your Nissan needs. We’re here to replace and fix any parts experiencing issues. Or, DIY the repair by ordering OEM parts from us. If we don’t have your part in stock, we’ll find what you need ASAP to keep your car running like the day you drove it off the lot.

Oil change service

Don’t Miss Your Routine Oil Change

When your odometer is showing it’s time for an oil change, Rountree Moore Nissan is here to help. For your oil change, we use OEM oil filters and Nissan-approved oils. You can even choose which oil you want for your engine—or ask what our technicians recommend. Either way, we’re here to keep your engine lubricated and working strong for your commutes to Gainesville and road trips to the other side of the state.

Service from the Pros

When you leave your ride with Rountree Moore Nissan, you’re leaving your vehicle in good hands. Only Nissan-Certified service technicians perform work on your car. These mechanics understand all the modern techniques and technology needed to keep your Nissan running in top condition.

Our technicians only use OEM parts to ensure everything fits as intended inside your Nissan. Best of all, you’ll never have any questions about quality since these are the parts Nissan designed to work in your car.

Engine checkup at Rountree Moore Nissan

Stop… and Get Your Brakes Checked

Whether you crave a track-spirited ride or you want a safe ride, you’ll need a working set of brakes to keep your car, SUV, or pickup performing as intended. Our technicians take a look at disc brakes, drum brakes, pads, rotors, and calipers—and they’re willing to fix and replace where needed. You can also get your brake fluid replaced while you’re here—our technicians have the tools to get the job done right.

Wheel alignment at Rountree Moore Nissan

Keep Your Battery Charged

When you start to have electrical issues in your car, your battery is often the culprit. Take your ride into Rountree Moore Nissan, and our pros will take a look at your battery and make a replacement upon spotting any problems.

Battery replacement service

Tire Servicing

Need a new set of tires? Rountree Moore Nissan is here to help with Nissan-approved tires to optimize your rides. Whether you’re looking to carve up canyon curves in your Nissan Maxima or enjoy a smooth cruise in your Nissan Kicks for getting around Jacksonville, we have all the tires to keep your rides performing the way you want.

Choose from a variety of tire brands for your Nissan. Our staff can even recommend tires if you want professional input. As a rule of thumb, remember to get your tires replaced any time you spot tread wear, tears, punctures, visible belts, or any other visual damage.

Tire change service

Drive Where You Need with Wheel Alignments

Keep your ride in line and go where you intend with a wheel alignment. Our technicians are happy to adjust your wheels to their proper locations to extend your tire life and keep your rides as efficient as possible. Rountree Moore Nissan’s mechanics work with all the appropriate tools needed for a proper tire change, so schedule service today to keep your Nissan’s performance optimal.

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