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Morgan Buys Cars: The Top Way to Sell Your Car in Lake City

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I’ve Got a Car to Sell…Where Should I Go Near Lake City?

Find yourself asking, “Where can I sell my car in Lake City?” After all, it’s not always easy to find a buyer willing to give you what your vehicle is worth. Even worse, private sales can go wrong in a variety of ways from safety issues to working with sketchy people.

Meanwhile, your generic dealerships can try to low-ball your ride’s value. However, when you work with us, you’re collaborating with a member of the Morgan Auto Group, where we help ensure your needs always rank first—and that we cover them fairly. There’s no need to search online for ‘car dealerships near me’ or ‘used cars near me’ when you can sell your used cars for sale at Rountree Moore Nissan.

Plus, with our Morgan Buys Cars program, you can handle the entire car selling process in record time—and not even need to drive a Nissan to get started. So, ready to begin selling your car? Visit our Morgan Buys Cars site or visit us in person at Rountree Moore Nissan and let us know you’re ready to sell your current ride.

So…How Does Morgan Buys Cars Work?

Eager to sell your car now? All you’ll need is roughly two minutes—and in that short time, we’ll get an Express Car Offer to you. In fact, all the info we need from you at the start is your VIN/plate number, your state, and your odometer reading, and from there, we’ll get an estimate to you.

Once you receive your offer, it’s time to prepare to physically sell your car. Again, this step is easy, as you’ll choose from 14 locations to drop off your current cruiser. Then, we’ll inspect your car and hand you a check once everything checks out—no need to buy a car with us or follow any other stringent conditions.

Keep in mind that we also aim to deliver the most competitive offer possible—so if we don’t beat an offer given to you by another dealer, we’ll give you $500—it’s only the start of the perks you’ll receive when you work with the Morgan Auto Group.

Morgan Buys Cars

10 Seconds: That’s All You Need to Wait for a Trade Value

Did you find a car in our inventory you absolutely love, like a track-geared GT-R or an urban-friendly Rogue? Then, take literal seconds of your time to get a trade value for your current vehicle to help with your financing—no need to invest countless hours into research, paperwork, and sketchy reviews.

Instead, just let us know some basic details, like your make, model, and trim, and we’ll let you know your ride’s current market value estimation—even if it’s not a Nissan model. Even better, get started from the comfort of your home (or at the office) today, since this can all be done on our website.

But Why Should I Work with a Dealer over a Private Buyer?

Keep in mind that at Rountree Moore Nissan, we’re not just a dealership in Lake City conveniently located near Gainesville and Jacksonville—we’re here to serve you as a member of the Morgan Auto Group—a team that’s invested years into putting customers’ needs like yours first and foremost (even over potential profits).

Also, we’ve built years into building trust—we’re not sketchy like some random person you find online to buy your car (and you don’t need to worry about us scamming you or harming you), instead, our team consists of skilled professionals who are always happy to work you through the car selling process and answer any questions that pop up.

Plus, keep in mind that when you opt for a private buyer, you need to find the buyer first, which could take weeks if not months. When you do business with us, we’re willing to purchase your car on the spot after you fill out some super-basic and quick online forms and we take a test drive before offering you a great deal —a process that takes literal minutes.

Rountree Moore Nissan: We Make Car Selling Easy

No need to spend hours looking for a buyer for your vehicle. Instead, visit our Morgan Buys Cars web page or visit us in person at Rountree Moore Nissan to get started with selling your car at a dealership today.

While you’re here, we’re also eager to assist with any step of the process, whether it’s answering questions about what information goes into forms or helping you find a new cruiser geared toward your style if you opt to trade in—it’s only the start of how we, as a member of the Morgan Auto Group, are eager to help you when you visit us.