Battery Maintenance Benefits

The Importance Of Battery Maintenance

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding car batteries is that just because it is sealed, it doesn’t need maintenance. That just isn’t true. You may not be able to get into the battery, but with something as simple as a visual inspection, you can detect if your battery needs work. The most important things to check are corrosion and dirty terminals. These are signs that there is something wrong with your battery. If you’re not sure how to check this or even if there’s a problem, don’t take any chances, the expert technicians at Rountree Moore Nissan are here to help you.

Our Commitment To You

Our goal has always been the same: to keep you mobile. We want to be your go- to destination for all your automotive needs. The Service Department at Rountree Moore Nissan employs factory-trained and -certified technicians, who are constantly learning, improving and becoming better at their craft. These experts have at their disposal the most updated machinery and tools. Additionally, they only use original parts. No job is too small or too complex for these experts.

We strive to offer:

  • Top-Notch, Superior Service
  • Competitive Prices
  • Complete Auto Service Regardless Of Make Or Year
  • Highest-Quality Repair Service
  • Preventive Maintenance To Keep Your Car On The Road Longer
  • Fast, Efficient And Trustworthy Service.

Schedule Your Battery Service

If your vehicle is slow to crank when you try to start it, if you notice the lights are dimmer, if you need to press on the gas pedal to start or if there’s a clicking sound when you turn the key or hear a noise, then you need to have your battery tested. Please don’t delay. Make your service appointment today at Rountree Moore Nissan.